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May 9, 2003

Industrial Warehouse

Solon, Ohio

At 1248 hrs the Solon Fire Dept was dispatched to a report an explosion in a chemical warehouse at 6810 Cochran Rd.

The building was full of a yellow haze which was reported to have an odor. The plant had been evacuated and management personnel from their other building were responding.

The FD reported that they had completed a primary search and emergency decon of their firefighters.

The Hazmat Team was requested at 1255 hours and responded with a full-team response.

It was determined through questioning that waste chemicals are stored in the immediate vicinity of the ‘explosion’ and may be involved.

A Level B entry was made and it was determined that the incident involved a single poly drum which had pressurized and ruptured.

The material was determined to be mixed acids, possibly including sulfuric, hydrochloric and nitric. pH testing determined the pH to be between 0-1.

The exact mixture was never determined from the information available at the time of the incident.

Subsequent entries were made to move drums to gain access to the spilled product, neutralize the product on the floor and on other drums, overpack and remove the involved drum (which was still very hot and continuing to off-gas).

The building was vented with positive pressure ventilation by the FD. A meeting was held with plant managers and the clean-up contractor and a plan was developed and approved.

The team was released at 2030 hours and followed up the following day.

Incident Photos