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Hazmat 1 (shown above) is our main hazmat response vehicle. It is housed near the freeway for rapid access to all parts of our response area. It has a custom body with eleven roll up doors.  It features a PTO generator to power the electric lighting, recharge equipment and operate the light tower. It has an enclosed office which serves as the Research Area,  several on-board computers, mobile wifi hot spot, cell phones and weather station. A mobile refrigerator is on board to provide cold beverages to reduce heat stress while working in chemical protective suits.

This truck carries our front line PPE, including Level A Vapor Protective Garments and Level B Splash Protective Garments. Self contained breathing apparatus (SCBA) is carried to use with the suits. Equipment and supplies for establishing a technical decontamination area are carried as well as mitigation equipment such as plugging and patching supplies, grounding and bonding equipment, pneumatic tools, binoculars, spotting scopes and telescopes.

We also carry high-tech detection and monitoring equipment such as four gas meters, photo ionization detectors, colormetric tubes, WMD detection equipment, and infra-red spectroscopy equipment.

Hazmat 1

The Chagrin/SE Hazmat Team has joined forces with the other three hazmat teams of Cuyahoga County to form the Cuyahoga County Type 1 Hazmat/CBRNE Response Team.

The Type 1 Team is specially trained and equipped to respond to terrorist incidents involving chemicals, biologicals or radiological hazards.

The other three teams that make up the specialized team are the City of Cleveland Fire Division, the Westshore Hazmat Team and the Southwest Emergency Response Team.

These teams pool their apparatus, equipment and personnel to form two full functional platoons which help assure that the county is covered even if the team is responding to an incident in another part of the state.

The Type 1 Hazmat Teams of the state has met the rigorous training, equipment and personnel requirements of the Ohio Hazardous Materials Technical Advisory Committee of the Ohio EMA.

A verification site visit was conducted by the Ohio Hazmat TAC and the team must be audited and must re-verify every three years.

The Chagrin/Southeast Hazmat Team is proud to be part of protecting our community and the State of Ohio.


Cuyahoga County
Type 1 CBRNE Team

Specialized Apparatus and Equipment for Hazmat/WMD

Hazmat Spills Trailer

The Hazmat Spills Trailer is designed to carry our bulk supplies for control and containment of chemical spills.

It carries dry clay absorbent, specialized booms, pads and pillows for absorbing different types of chemicals, tents to provide shelter during extended operations.

Pneumatic, electric and hand operated pumps are carried for off loading leaking tanks. Overpack drums and lab packs are used to place over leaking containers.

Specialized kits and valves are used for containing leaks..