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In addition to the apparatus owned by the Hazmat Team, several public safety agencies have made their specialized equipment available to the region when needed.

Water Tanker with Foam

Other Specialized Apparatus

This 3,000 gallon water tanker owned by the Russell Township Fire Dept as carries over 120 gallons of AFFF foam concentrate and eductors. This makes it an ideal response vehicle for flammable liquid incidents on freeways where there is limited access to hydrants.

Confined Space Rescue / AFFF Foam Bank Trailer

The Confined Space Rescue / AFFF Foam Bank Trailer carries all of our confined space rescue equipment, including tripods, harnesses, rope rescue equipment, beam clamps, SKED stretchers, LSP Half Backs, variable speed ventilation blowers, lockout/tagout supplies, carabiners, pulleys, brake bar racks, helmets, a hard wire communication system, supplied air breathing apparatus and victim retrieval system.

The foam bank consists of over 200 gallons of AR-AFFF foam concentrate in five gallon pails and thirty-five gallon drums for flammable liquid spills and fires. The foam can be used to suppress flammable vapors or to extinguish hydrocarbon and/or polar solvent fires.

Command Post / Interoperable Communications Vehicle

The Regional Command Post / Interoperable Communications Vehicle responds to all Hazmat/WMD incidents with the team. This allows us to interface communications with all of our fire service, law enforcement, EMS, EMA, service department, state and federal partners to insure a coordinated response. A Communications Unit Leader (COMM-L) responds with it to develop and implement the Incident Communications Plan.

It also has office space for the Incident Command Post as well as Command Staff to meet with facility personnel. It provides a climate controlled, quiet, dry environment from which to oversee incident operations.

Mass Decontamination Trailer

The Mass Decontamination Trailer carries a large inflatable Zumro tent. The tent is pre-plumbed with showers to allow for decontamination of ambulatory and non-ambulatory patients. It has separate lanes for male and female patients. Patients can enter and disrobe, contain their clothing, shower, dry and re-dress. The tent can be ventilated in warmer months or heated during cold weather.

It has both a propane and a kerosene water heater, electric lighting and gray water bladders for collection of waste water.

The trailer also carries supplies for undressing, drying and re-dressing the patients, as well as providing for their modesty.

Hazmat Training Trailer

The Hazmat Training Trailer contains Level A and Level B training suits, boots and gloves, damaged fifty-five gallon drums and overpack training drums.

It has various pipe leak training props, a one hundred fifty pound chlorine training cylinder, a chlorine rail car training dome and an end of a one ton chlorine cylinder.

It has external valves from a gasoline cargo trailer and various valves from other trailers.

It also carries an assortment of training supplies and chemical protective equipment, which allows us to train without using our actual response equipment.

All Terrain Vehicle

This eight wheeled All Terrain Vehicle is owned by the Oakwood Village Fire Dept and is available for response to off road incidents, especially train derailments. It responds on a trailer.

Emergency Response Vehicle

The ERV is owned by the Valley Enforcement Group (VEG) and is a sophisticated communications / command post vehicle with multiple radios interfaces for interoperability, as well as wireless internet capabilities.This can be especially valuable in a multi-disciplinary incident.

Heavy Rescue

This Heavy Rescue is provided by the Chagrin Falls Fire Dept. It is equipped with a mobile cascade system for refilling SCBA cylinders, as well as providing scene support, lighting, heavy rescue tools and rehab supplies. This is especially useful during extended incidents.