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August 6, 2005

Geauga Lake Amusement Park

Bainbridge Twp, Ohio

Hazmat Team called by Bainbridge Twp FD to a report of a muriatic acid spill on the midway of a large amusement park with a vapor cloud and one injured employee.

On arrival, hazmat team members found a 330 gallon tote of muriatic acid had fallen off a forklift truck and spilled about 230 gallons of acid on the midway. A large white vapor cloud was issuing from the spill.

Level B entry teams blocked storm drains to reduce the outfall to a nearby lake, uprighted the tote and began neutralizing the acid remaining on the ground. Initial pH levels were 0-1.

A cleanup contractor responded to pressure wash the concrete, collect and pickup all the contaminated water and to transport it off site for treatment.

Incident Photos