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June 19, 2010

Gasoline Tank Truck Accident

Newbury, Ohio

Newbury Fire Department, along with many other Geauga, Cuyahoga, Lake and Portage County fire departments, as well as the Geauga County Hazmat Team and EMA responded to an overturned gasoline tank truck (DOT 406) on Ravenna Road (SR 44) just north of Music Street at approx. 1330 hrs.

The tanker had turned over on a guard rail and trapped the driver for more than 3-1/2 hours. The road was closed and evacuations of nearby homes and cabins were initiated as gasoline leaked into the lake at Punderson State Park.

The Chagrin/SE Hazmat Team was requested by Newbury to assist the Geauga County Hazmat Team. Many of the Geauga personnel had been involved in initial foaming and rescue efforts and were exhausted due to high temperature and humidty.

We worked in the Operations Section, and were assigned to coordinate spill control, product transfer and uprighting of the tanker. We worked with Ohio EPA, Clemson Towing and SunPro Services, as well as the FD foam operations to mitigate the incident.

Our team provided foam concentrate for foam operations on the south side of the incident, as well as air monitoring equipment.

We used four gas meters and AreaRaes to monitor throughout the night.

SR 44 and Music Street remained closed. but the cabins in Punderson State Parkwere re-occupied that night.

We also had Hazmat Techs make entries into the crash site to conduct damage assessment on the tank and assess the effectiveness of foam operations.

Our previous training with the Geauga County Hazmat Team allowed for smooth transition and cooperation.

Incident Photos