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October 10, 2007

Train Derailment and Fire

Painesville, Ohio

Painesville City and many other Lake County fire departments responded to a report of a train derailment and fire on the CSX tracks near Diamond Center Dr. at approx. 1230 hrs.

The 30 car derailment included LPG, Methanol and Phthalic Anhydride cars which were on fire, therefore Lake County Hazmat Team was requested early in the incident. Public evacuations were initiated.

The Chagrin/SE Hazmat Team was requested thru the Ohio Fire Chiefs Emergency Response Plan at approx. 1720 hrs. The team arrived at approx 1900 and received a briefing while setting up next to Lake County Hazmat.

We worked in the Hazmat Group, assisting Lake Co with research and defensive recon until midnight. At midnight, we relieved Lake County Hazmat so they could take a much deserved break and return again in the morning.

During the night we worked in the ICP providing technical information to the Command Staff. This included assisting with assessment of the threat posed by the Phthalic Anhydride and development of the Safety Briefing for the IAP.

We also had Hazmat Techs make three entries into the derailment site during the night to conduct damage assessment on the tank cars, identify reporting marks and assess the effectiveness of the master streams.

At 0900 the next morning, Lake Co Hazmat relieved us in the Hazmat Group. The fires were allowed to continue burning (as a controlled burn) for the next three days.

Incident Photos