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July 13, 2000

Walton Hills, Ohio

On 1336 hrs, the Oakwood and Maple Heights Fire Departments responded to a reported train derailment in Walton Hills.

On arrival, they found a 21 car derailment from a 120 car Norfolk Southern train. The derailment included numerous box cars, gondola cars and tank cars.

Only one tank car was determined to be leaking acid, but several two locomotives were leaking large quantities of diesel fuel.

Hazmat team members worked with the railroad, fire departments and contractors to contain the leaking products.

A dam was built to limit the flow of diesel into a nearby stream. The leaking acid car was plugged and the contractor began clearing tracks.

Nearby homes were initially evacuated but were re-occupied before nightfall. The track was repaired and re-opened the following day.

Hazmat specialists and OEPA officials monitored the chemical cleanup for the next week.

Incident Photos